Central Entry Information

To enter a rodeo held in New Zealand you must be a NZRCA current member.



For the 2017/2018 Season there will be two ways to enter - Online or Central Entry Form. You can complete the form now and email back to Secretary OR On-Line. There is no cost to use the form.  Download form from bottom of this page.


Central Entry Form

If you are clever you will be able to use the Fill & Sign PDF function and email directly back to me. Or print, complete and scan/pxt. Please tick the events at rodeos you wish to enter. Once you email the form back to secretary@rodeonz.co.nz you will receive confirmation that it has been received. Remember it is a good idea to save a copy.


For On-Line Entry

Open the following link http://entry.kcirodeo.net/AssocMain.aspx?AssocId=NZRCA


This will work from the browser of your smart phone.

On the first page is the Links to upcoming rodeo entry pages. These will be posted when entry for that rodeo is open. Keep an eye out for dates for entry for each rodeo these will be published on the NZRCA website.

Your entry will only be accepted if you are a current financial member of the NZRCA and have no outstanding fines or monies owed.


To enter

·click on the name of the rodeo you want to enter a new page will open with that rodeo.

·Enter your membership number and click lookup

·Click on the events you want to enter, for team roping you must enter a partner who is a financial member

·Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on ‘Calculate Total Fees’ this gives you the amount of money you must pay on the day

·Check the box agreeing to the terms and conditions of entry

·Click ‘Next’

·A review page comes up. You can check that you have entered correctly

·Click on ‘Confirmation and Receipt’

·You will also receive an email with your receipt if you have an email address attached to your membership

You need to close that page and go back to the association page to enter other rodeos.


Central Scratching

The Scratching Procedure remains the same as last season. If you wish to scratch from a rodeo then you text your membership number, name, rodeo and events you wish to scratch from to 027 282 5633.


There is a $10 scratching fee for every rodeo you scratch from. It does not matter if you use on-line or form entry. If you can provide evidence that you or your horse is injured this will be waived.